PQQ help and support

Too many businesses still fail at the first hurdle of completing a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) when some simple changes can improve your chances of passing this stage (unless of course you fail any of the mandatory ‘pass’ sections!).

Key areas in a PQQ are financial turnover and specific experience relating to the service required. Ensure that you clearly evidence with detail your experience; many points are often lost because of a lack of detail. Take the time to read the question fully and understand what type of response will get you most marks. Most questions are not trick questions as they are designed to let the procurement officials see how you manage your business in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental and ultimately how risky it will be to do business with you.

If you fail the PQQ it is all over, you do not get through to the next stage!

If you have tried and failed a PQQ,  or know you will have to complete one in the not too distant future it will really pay dividends to take the time and enhance the information required for a new PQQ.